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Get your life with these 5 basic fashion pieces.

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

So what is the order? Do you have order? The order to building a wardrobe thats just right for you is right around the corner.   Fashion has a pecking order that needs to be followed in order to build the perfect wardrobe for you and only you.  Their are certain things every woman needs to have in her closet first, in order to start and build no matter what the outcome may be.  There are several different fashion styles that people go by and you can mix them all in one.  Urban, chic, eccentric ETC.  Lets talk basics, and after you have achieved the basics then you build with accessories, and add on's one piece at a time. Below are examples of the basic pieces that you can start with.  

Below are accessories that will be a classic fit no matter the season or trend.. 

Now that you have the basic lets build a wardrobe that you will love to wear, and feel good in everyday.  If you are in need of more fashion assistance click the Booking tab and make a appointment for a free 30 minute, over the phone consultation.  Have a fashion question click the contact button and leave your question.  No question is to small, or to big.  Alwayz A Lady is here to help

Blog: Patricia Rountree (Alwayz A Lady)

All item above are budget friendly and can be purchased from you local walmart, TJ Maxx to Nordstorms or saks fifth ave. 

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