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Simple Steps to organizing your wardrobe to fit your lifestyle and budget.

I'm no stranger to the fashion world. Working for years in the fashion and retail industry has taught me that being organized with my wardrobe will allow me the opportunity to get dressed with great energy, less stress and creativity. Getting organized with the correct thinking tools helped me get dressed in15min or less.

Tip #1 - Release what does not serve you.

Take a good look at your space and ask yourself what in my closet does not make me happy or feel good when I wear it? Take a good look at what you have to choose from in your closet and use that question every time, you will start to get rid of clothing and accessories that do not serve you, your lifestyle, or your personality.

Tip #2 make your space look and feel like you.

After purging items that do not serve you. Take a good look at what you have and the space you have it in. Do not think about adding items just yet. Take a look around and see how you can spice up your space with some decorations that speak to your personality.

Tip #3 Its all about you.

When organizing my space I like to use things I already have in my home to repurpose and make unique just for me.

  1. Take a glass vase and use it to hold your bracelets and put in on your shelf. Doing this style decor hack allows you to see what accessories you have to go with your wardrobe. How often do we not wear our accessories because we can not see them or we just forget we have them?

Tip #4 - Mix it up

When organizing your spaces mix up your clothing and accessories to look like your shopping every time you enter your style space. Doing this help with the energy you get when getting dressed everyday.

Tip #5 - Finish strong

Rome was not built in a day and your wardrobe will not become organized over night. Simply take your time and decide what you want your space to look and feel like. Become intentional about creating a space that make you feel good and be creative. If you just cant seem to pull it together. Hire a professional like a organizer, lifestyle coach, imagine consultant or a fashion stylist. Not sure where to find one click the link below.

Living a organized life is like walking through doors already opened. Keep in mind if your prepare and commit to it you can do it. Get organized and see how great it make you feel inside and out. Not sure how to achieve or start. Click the link above for a FREE 30 Consultation with Alwayz A Lady and get started now.

Thank you for reading and Do not forget to leave a comment below.

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