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Patricia Alwayz A Lady


Patricia Streeter is a Fashion & Style expert, serial Entrepreneur, Educator, Mentor, and Motivational speaker. Patricia’s collaborative work with top tier companies and brands helps her stay cutting edge within her industry. Currently you can follow her work with Macy’s as an Ambassador and Express as a Style Editor. Patricia has a unique and beautiful ability to help people become the best version of themselves beyond fashion. One of the very things that led to her current Ambassadorship with Unique total designs salon and suites.  Her professional services includes 1-on-1 fashion styling, 1- on -1 and group fashion education classes, along with Imagine Consulting to organize your life to not only fit your lifestyle but your budget as well.

The joy you feel when helping someone is unmatched.  Being  a servant of people will always be the goal no matter the mission .

-Patricia Streeter

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