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Fall Fashion is Falling Right Now. Learn different ways you can get yourself prepared for The Fall.

Updated: Oct 22, 2022

Fall is my absolute favorite fashion season of the year. Fall says texture, layers, and silhouette. Now don't get me wrong of course we love the summer and spring, it's beautiful outside and it's time to come out and play, but fall allows you to dig into your wardrobe and be stylish and creative with your style. When shopping for your fall fashions you can show your personality and style because you have options of fashions to wear all at one time. Fall and winter fashions allow you to show your style and be creative 3 in so many different ways. Below are several shops, boutiques, and department stores that I would recommend you shop and add to your existing wardrobe. These shops and boutiques have pieces that are perfect to add to an existing wardrobe and also pieces to reset some of your wardrobe basics, please. When shopping for your fall fashions keep in mind certain things to be successful.

- Shop with intention.

Set a realistic budget for the current shopping trip and decide exactly what your shopping for. Make a list if you need to buy adding the note to your phone. This allows you to stay on task and not give in to the shiny syndrome.

- Search items online to determine what stores are best for you to shop with whether online or in-store. Be aware of store policies like refunds, shipping, and store hours. Always try to shop during the slow time of the day. Early morning on weekdays, and weekends are tricky depending on store and location.

"Before you even think of adding to your wardrobe, Purge your closet first" -Alwayz A Lady

- I know shopping can give you anxiety, But do not give up on yourself. Make the shopping experience fun and exciting. Get up, get dressed eat something you love, and prepare for your day of shopping and doing something for yourself.

Mind over matter is the most important thing when shopping. Do not think of anything but finding the fashions that are gonna make you smile and add style to your wardrobe. Do not let your mind play tricks on you. Do not let any negative thoughts stop you from having a great shopping experience. Remember this is a form of self-care for you. If you are an entrepreneur this is double great for you. Not only is this self-care but an investment in yourself to be the best Boss you can be through your style.

Below are budget-friendly ways to shop no matter your budget or lifestyle.

Department stores

1. Macy's and Macy's Back Stage

2. Nordstroms and Nordstroms Rack

3. Dillards


1. Express

2. Francesa's

3. Black & White Market

4. Banana Republic

5. New York & Company


1. On and Off the Runway

2. Curvasouse Boutique

3. Flygirl Boutique

Make sure you wear or bring your proper undergarments on the shopping trip. When trying on clothes you want to make sure you look good in everything you try on.

I pray that this blog finds you in a place of peace. When getting dressed no matter the occasion can be stressful. Do not let the fact that your space is messy and you can't see what you have take you down. Head over and read my previous blog on how to prepare the space that works for you. Being able to see what you have is the most important thing to building a great wardrobe for your lifestyle so purge.

Not sure how to get started. Head over to my website and book a FREE 30 CONSULTATION to start your journey to style freedom.


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