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VAFW 10th Anniversary November 5-11 2017

Where do I begin? The whole week of Virginia Fashion Week was set out to show the consumer what the fashion industry has to offer for now and the upcoming seasons. From where I was standing the 10th anniversary could have been celebrated with a little bit more pizzazz, bells, and whistles. Personally, coming from a Stylist/fashion journalist and a boutique owner, I was not impressed about any of the events throughout the week. Let's talk Creativity. The creativity behind each day of fashion week was very minimal, dry and not innovative. The events lacked diversity, which was very disappointing. This was disappointing because Virginia is a melting pot with a talent pool of creative and talented individuals. The industry in Virginia is full of diverse fashion bloggers, fashion photographers, fashion models, fashion coordinators, fashion show producers, fashion lovers, and fashionistas, etc. Each individual could have played an important part of the 10th anniversary for more of a WOW factor and a true Big Bang. Sadly, there was nothing special about the 10th anniversary of Virginia Fashion Week. Opening Night VAFW 2017 at Gallery 21 in Norfolk, Virginia for emerging designers; the venue was prefect for an intimate show but the Wow factor for the first night was very minimal and the designers did not emerge. 2 out of 5 designers showed with VFW before, and 5 out of 10 have presented on countless runways throughout the 757 and Beyond. 

Reckless for Her By: Mario Daughtery

Matro for Men

Designer and Performer Kbana Blaq 

Mikasa La'Charles

  Mikasa La'Charles

*Emerging designers ~ Savanna G., Yvette Williams, Blasqaso by K’bana Blaq, Designs byTKJ, Classic by Star Hunt, Matro for Men, Alfa by Roxanne Smith, BrittaniAriana by Brittany Henderson, Reckless by Mario Daughtry, and Mikasa La’Charles 

Monday can you say sip and shop? 

344 Beauty Bar hosted for the night. There were several services that were offered for all that attended, but nothing that made you want to take The time out of your day to attend. (Boring) Tuesday was basically a day for you to vote and post a social media pic and be happy to TAG #VFW. Where is the energy, giveaways, best fashionable voting looks and style?! Nope nothing! Even more BORING and just lack of creativity. Wednesday -Not planned or scheduled Thursday was the catwalk competition (Invitation Only) after two days of no events 👀.... (OK) Friday was the big "Dillard"s show, Lynnhaven Mall. This was the 1st year Dillard teamed up with VFW and in my opinion that was the start of fashion week. The Dillards team did a wonderful job from beginning to end, leaving a great first impression. Honestly, I'm not a "Dillard"s shopper ,but I did see several pieces that will make me reconsider shopping with them for myself and my 2018 clients wardrobe. Did I say that the show was free? It was. 

Saturday's show was held at the new Harbor Club Waterside downtown Norfolk. I will say the finale show was packed, and guests were excited, but the show was just a regular smorgasbord of designers and boutiques. Speaking of designers and boutiques, if you have a week to display fashion why be totally disrespectful to present a boutique on the same runway with designers? ESPECIALLY AT THE FINALE SHOW? Why do I say that? Well designers are creative in picking fabric, hand stitching, creating and cutting patterns. It's a normal trend for them to be speaking fashion that's presented on the runway. A boutique owner basically orders wholesale, unpacks the boxes, puts them on the models, and calls themselves designers and stylists.... WRONG! Can you say unfair, it's easy for a boutique owner to make a sale. All they have to do is order the merchandise. Designers have to take time to create, be innovative and ensure that the Garment fits the customer to the Tee. When you're talking Fashion Week the small details matter. The main aspect of a fashion week is for designers to present that night in order to gain customer sales and open their brand up to new consumers, media, buyers and more. This was not the case for Virginia Fashion Week's 10th Anniversay!  

*Featuring designers ~ 

Lip gloss N Stilettos by Leslie Lucas Thompson,

ETAMIB by Gwendolyn Wilson, Willie Hall, Breton Williams, White Dress by GretaKay, Salome Styles by Salome Autolino, Blas Couture by Azi Blas *Featured Boutique ~ IVY Glam

 Designer Lipgloss N Stellitos

 Designer White dress by Greta K

 Boutique Ivy Glam

 Designer ETAMIB

Photography  By: Mark K 

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