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Can fur make or break you style? `

Wearing a fur can be intimidating. Not sure if the weather will allow you to wear a fur at times can be stressful. Do not let the weather be the decision making factor on weather you will wear that fur or not. I prefer a good fux fur my self, but what i love the most about furs is they make a bold statement. A fur can break your style if your not confident enough to wear it. A fur can make your style if you know you look good despite what the next opinion is. In the world of fashion in the times we live, anything is possible. fashion lover and those a like know making your own wave and trend for your self is the new way to go in fashion. Weather your style is trendy, eccentric, classic or a mix have fun and fill good when it comes to getting dressed and walking in confident.

Featured Model/Influencer: Marquita Castano

Styled by: Alwayz A Lady

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