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Words of Wisdom for the Heart and Soul: Lessons, Insights, and Guidance from 36 Women of Influence


Words of Wisdom for The Heart and Soul “Lessons, Insights, and Guidance from 36 Women of Influence’’ is a compilation of encouragement, inspiration, and empowerment that will bless your life and spirit. The goal of this book is to inspire and encourage the reader through words to shape your heart and soul and offer spiritual comfort to guide you through your daily life.

We’ve all lived through some challenging life lessons and have insight and but what if we shared that power to uplift and inspire one another? As you meet these powerful, phenomenal women of influence from across the globe, their words of wisdom will motivate, enlighten, encourage, and inspire the reader. The words of wisdom breathed into this book are thoughts on optimism, success, fear, overcoming failure, persistence, and resilience that will change your life.

Authors: Cathy Staton, Tanikwa S. Matthews, Shintina R. Garris, Latrice R. Mayes, Ronjeanna L. Harris, Clarissa Y. Law, Tanya D. Russell, Juanita N. Woodson, Maryann Rivera-Dannert, Letitia M. Council, Deborah Juniper-Frye, Kymberly Davidson, Natalie W. Baker. Ayanna M. Smith, Sabrina Thomas, Karen L. Robinson, Dr. Charlene Bell, Stephanie E. White, RN, Tomika Harris, Cynthia Terry, Tia N. Skinner, Rebecca G. Ducksworth, Nadine Owens, April Taylor, Janice V. Sanderlin, Patricia Streeter, Whitteney Lynn Guyton, DeSauna R. Hooker, Markeza C. Davis, Dawn Horizons, Lanitra Jackson, Sheri Sample-Carpenter, Natalie Purdie, Shaniah E Gunter, Anita Lucia La Pierre, and Sabrina Lane- Clark

Words OF Wisdom For The Heart And Soul Volume1

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