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To obtain wisdom, we must fear God, study his Word, and prayerfully desire to see life through God's eyes. Wisdom is a mental capacity that allows us to see life through God's eyes. Solomon encourages us to "gain wisdom" throughout the book of Proverbs (Proverbs 4:5). Words of Wisdom for the Heart and Soul, Lessons, Insights, and Guidance from Leaders of Influence, is a compilation of phenomenal authors who share wisdom from the heart and soul, that is sure to inspire, uplift, encourage, and empower you. Words have a way of sinking into your brain and changing your life. Words of Wisdom are helpful to anyone looking to get inspired through words that are as powerful as they are meaningful. What are the benefits of reading Words of Wisdom for the Heart and Soul, Lessons, Insights, and Guidance from Leaders of Influence? You will learn from others, which is a great way to realize your dreams and avoid making common mistakes. This book will inspire you to dig deeper, increase your sense of purpose, and assist you with coping with challenges. Words of Wisdom play a meaningful role in helping us discover our potential.

Cathy Staton, Dr. La’Shonda Lane-Gammell, Arvetta D. Diggs, Kimberly Bell, Deborah Juniper-Frye, Lakisha James, Chanae Joyner, Donna Ware Clifton, Hope S. Stith, Sherry M. Stith, Shintina R. Garris, Sabrina Lane-Clark, Dr. Ivory J. Warren, Ambria Holmes, Ka-Tren Hamilton, Letitia Council, Larcenia Walton, Shanon Schady, Markeza Davis, Chiketta S. Lane, Latrese B. Carter, Jasmine Pollard, Keshia Lisle, Rhonda L. Payton, Iris Wright, Patricia Streeter, Tomika Harris, Tanikwa S. Matthews, Ronjeanna Harris, Natalie Purdie, Tiniki Riddick, Anica Simone, Cybil L. Brown, Calvin Brown Sr., Rebecca G. Ducksworth, and Mary Lynette Kimble

Words of Wisdom for the Heart and Soul, Volume II: Lessons, Insights, & Guidance

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