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SurvivingHer “The Art of Forgiveness” is a compilation of twelve women who decided to embrace the power of forgiveness. Each author shares their truth about developing compassion and accepting others for being imperfect while at the same time honoring their boundaries and protecting themselves through the art of forgiveness. In the testimonies, these women share stories that are transparent, bold, and courageous.

The ability to forgive is a sign of freedom and an act of self-love. These women have chosen to liberate themselves from the wounds of their past. Remember, forgiveness doesn’t mean you are letting the person off the hook. Forgiveness is for YOU. One of the most liberating aspects of forgiveness is the ability to restore faith and build confidence in oneself and others. As you read each forgiveness story, we hope that you will be changed, blessed, and discover freedom and peace.

Empowered by Cathy Staton
Co-authors: Patricia Streeter


  • Elder Jean Bonds
  • Dr. Charlene D. Winley
  • Wanda L. Roberts
  • Dr. Charlene Bell
  • April Taylor
  • Andrea Whitfield
  • Kymberly Davidson
  • Anita Lucia La Pierre
  • Deborah Harris
  • Elektra Smith 

Surviving Her "The Art Of Forgiveness"

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