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YES! Accessories are the life line to your wardrobe.

For most women getting up and getting dressed for their everyday life can be stressful, irritating and somewhat draining.   Just the thought of finding something different to wear everyday can make some women very nervous and shut down.   Being a everyday woman, mom, business enterpenuer or socialite, and more can be hard enough without trying to be stylish at every moment. Below are a couple of tips to help you navigate through all that aniexty when getting dressed. 

1. Think about your day over your morning prep

2. Don't over think the look

3. Think positive thoughts about yourself

4. Turn on your favorite music or what makes you happy

5. Get dress and do not second guess your self 


Lets talk accessories.  


Accessories can really make a big difference when trying to make your look stylish, fashionable and still remain you.  Every woman should have the basics in there closet for a clean look.  For example, jeans, white shirt, black blazer ETC.  If you take a pair of jeans and white shirt and add a stack of bangles, a colorful belt buckle and black shoes you now have a simple chic look.  See below for examples of how to spice up your wardrobe with accessories.   Also check my blog on 5 basic pieces for your wardrobe.  


Blog by Alwayz A Lady

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