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Men's Fashion Week VA 2018! (Highlights)

Men's fashion week VA 2018 was all for the men! With 5 days of events and new fresh faces on the runway, men's fashion week set out to raise the bar.

Lets talk high lights and features for 2018.

Day 1 kicked off at Upscale Men Fashion with a fashion installation.  The night was hosted by Erik Castano host of Tailor Made Sports  and Luqman Haskett  better known as Dapper Luq host of the Dapper Hour on famous radio live.  The night was filled with styling from Ron Cooke one of the visionary behind Men's Fashion Week.  Each model was styled in ARRAY of men's full suits, blazers, shoes and men's accessories.  The models stood tall in the foyer of the NEW Upscale Men's Fashion store as the host's did a breakdown of each look #Exciting

📸By Smart Shots

Your Hosts for the evening.

Dapper Luq & Erik Castano

📸By Smart Shots



Day 3 was the second fashion installment at Gallery 21 in norfolk. The gallery 21 fashion installation included new and upcoming everyday wear designers. The designers displayed fashions from logo t-shirts, jeans, jackets with creative art work on the clothing, and each brand spoke fashion in a different way. The guests were able to take on the fashions, eat from a waffle bar, and take in the art provided by Gallery 21. Below are list of designers included in day 3 of Men's Fashion Week


~Three Scoops




~Third Eye

The best part of men's fashion week so far was the emerging designers and giving them a platform to be creative with an opportunity to show their work to new consumers, bloggers, media and all that attended each event so far, so kudos!!!

The 4th day of men's fashion week  was hosted at the haute garden in norfolk. The models walking the runway accessorized with doggy's from the SPCA a great touch for an outside fashion show in the garden.

Model Erik Castano 

Model Jared Howe

The final day of men's fashion week was held at the collector for the second year in a row. Their is always an exciting feeling when you attend a finale show. The finale show for Men's Fashion Week showed A array of diverse designers from different cities and states and different styles that men can wear from everyday to the boardroom. The designers came to put on a great presentation and that they did.  

📸Andrea Edwards 

📸Andrea Edwards 

📸Andrea Edwards 

📸Andrea Edwards 

I got the chance to run into some awesome individuals that loves this industry just as much as I do.  

Blogger to the right Ms. Dakota Vibes

Designer Mario Daughtery of Reckless & Alwayz A Lady 

Alwayz A Lady & Lady Tea of The Fashion Show on Famous Radio Live

Alwayz A Lady & Marquita Bianca 



Blog By Patricia Rountree

Smarts Shots

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