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Updated: Jan 23, 2021

With everything happening leading up to the 46th President Inauguration Ceremony, we forgot that fashion is just as important as swearing in. The ladies did not come to play. Full-length coats of different textures and styles were the trend for the day. We could not ignore the different lengths, shades, and colors coming through the door. Loving that everyone got the memo, they all dress to their personality. We could not help but notice not only did the ladies get the coat memo, but they also got the reminder to bring their class, sophistication, and manners. We witness women of diversity support each other with dignity and grace. We could not help but notice the fit’s bumps, hand to heart and the I see you girl look for Michelle Obama. February 20, 2021 marks a day in history that will never be forgotten. For many reasons and those reasons are personal to every individual in their own way. Let us not allow the pandemic to take away your sense of flavor and style when it comes to FASHION. Use each day to be your best fashionable self no matter where the day will take you.

Madam Vice President Kamala Harris wearing Christopher John Rogers & Sergio Hudson two black emerging designers

Former First Lady Michelle Obama wearing Sergio Hudson emerging black designer.

Dr. Jill Biden wearing Markarian a emerging female designer based out of New York

Amanda Gorman wearing Prada international fashion brand.

Jennifer Lopez in head to toe CHANEL international fashion brand.

Ella Emhoff wearing Miu Miu

Looking beautiful is not the clothes you wear or the glam team you can hire. Looking and feeling healthy starts with your mental and physical health. These ladies showed up with such grace, class and looking amazing, but they were mentally and physically prepared for what was to come. Everyone does not have the privilege to afford such expensive clothing or services but start somewhere. Looking to get your physical and mental in a healthy state? Click the link below and get your healthy life started with these great products from Total Life Changes.


Does shopping give you anxiety or stress you out? does simply getting dress every day or for a occasion give you panic attacks? Yes, fashion sometimes can be stressful because everyone wants to look their best. Need help with getting your fashion life in order? Would you like to learn some simple tips on how to make these stressful situations a happy place? Click the link below for a FREE 30min consultation with imagine consultant, fashion curator and stylist Alwayz A Lady, Patricia Rountree. It

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