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What is Ri-Ri up to!

Ri-Ri is know for her style, but when you think pushing it to the limits you definetly think Queen Rihanna. 

.Rihanna wore a denim skirt as a top for a look only she could pull off — and people are loving it .

Ri-Ri is set to co-host tonight's Met Gala in New York, and we know the looks will pour in by the minute.  But what is a better way to start the buzz then wearing your jean skirt as a top.  Yes and Yes RI-Ri loves to set the limits.  Are you ready for the MET GALA?. 

Known for her bold outfits, the singer layered the denim mini over a lacy white camisole and high-waisted boyfriend jeans. She keeps the look balanced, but it speaks fashion.  Did you see the shoes? The transparent pointy-toe heels set the tone for the trendy eyewear for spring and summer.  . Rihanna Co-Hosting the Met Gala is exciting but waiting on her look is even more exciting. The Fenty Beauty founder is forever and will always be excatly who she wants to be. My thoughts, wear what you want, when you want, and how you want and let me know how that's works for you.  

Blog ~Alwayz A Lady~ 

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