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Style Fashion Week During New York Fashion Week.

Style fashion week started February 8 through February 11th. The first two days of Style Fashion Week took place at the Cipriani in Manhattan New York, this venue was packed full of emerging & International designer, models, makeup artist, hair stylist, style Influencers, bloggers, radio personalities, cleberties, local celebrities and just regular on lookers that love fashion. Every 2 hours you had the opportunity and pleasure to  experience a fashion show presentation from an emerging or International designer.   Each designers took advantage of their time on the runway and definitely spoke fashion.  Style fashion week is definitely a event that speaks diversity on and off the Runway. I got a chance to take in several different designer's and  they're presentation were amazing, creative and runway-ready. 

alina petra 

Emma Altman 

Adriana Sahar 


Ydamys Simo 

The 3rd day of Style Fashion Week took place @ Lumas Gallery with a artist presentation from Derek Gores.  This event was located on Washington Street in Manhattan where you took in art,  fashion and everything the industry has to offer. Great networking, with a industry full of awesomeness.  When in New York do like the New Yorkers and love life to the fullest.  

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