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The Mommy Fashion Life!

 So you think being a mom stops you from being a fashion killer? NO being a mom does not stop you from being a fashionable mommy. Okay, so having teenage girls, MY fashions becomes our fashions, OMG so irritating......Being a fashion stylist I have my wardrobe put together so at any moment when being mommy Im ready to go. If you ask my daughters what is the best thing about having me as a mom when it comes to fashions. My ladies will tell you, cause they can go to my racks and instantly be styled. Yes I keep racks with my wardrobe styled for every possible thing I think will happen Monday -Sunday. To all my mommies out there I know you can understand this. Lets talk ways to make sure your ready when being a super mom, wife, enteruperner, friend, supporter and all around Woman. Let's Talk being ready so you don't have to get ready. Invest in a clothing rack that can hold 10 solid looks. Wal-Mart, target and bed bath and beyond will be perfect spots to purchase your rack at a good price. Schedule a day and time frame out of your regular schedule and do a GOOD solid closet cleanse. That don't mean tuck the items you just can't part ways with, it means if you have not wore it in 2 years get rid off. If you are waiting to fit it again, get rid of it. If you bought it because the price was right, but know your never going to wear it, toss it.

  Below are several important pieces you should have in your wardrobe. These can be mixed and matched with anything for any occasion, at any moment and for any event. 1. (3) Good pair of Jeans - denim, black, dark blue. 2. White Button down shirt 3. Black button down shirt 4. (2) White and (2) Black tank tops whichever works best for your neckline it can be v-neck round-neck spaghetti strap whatever your preference is that accentuates your features. 5. Black Blazer 6. White Blazer 7. Blue jean jacket 8. Black pump or flats 9. Black riding  boots *Bonus - Little black dress Each item listed above can be used in any fashionistas closet. Being a mommy doesn't mean you can't be fashionable. So, take these small tips and apply it to your wardrobe and your mommy life. Below will be a list of online stores that you can take your slightly or gently used clothing and sell. This will give you money to purchase new items for your new mommy wardrobe. If you have any questions on how to mix and match or add to your wardrobe, continue to follow me on my blog, and sign up for my private email list. Do you need a consultation on how to switch up your wardrobe or move forward in your fashion life?  Schedule a free consultation online or in person.  Please do not forget to follow me on all my social media and remember Alwayz A Lady! 

IG: Patricia Alwayz A Lady

FB: Patricia Fashion Stylist 

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