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Men's Fashion Week In Virginia!

The 1st Men's Fashion Week Virginia

Whats is a fashion installation you ask?

Ron Cooke one of the visionary of mens fashion week brought a new way to display mens fashion in a exclusive way. The First event fashion week was held at the Norfolk Arcade located in the downtown Norfolk right across from Mac Arthur Mall. M & S Men design was the sponsor for the night and also styled the model in the custom exclusive foot attire. Guest were able to taste food from 3 different caters while taking in tunes fro the DJ. The models were displayed on 2in square blocks and styled in Lord & Taylor fashions for a crisp spring and summer look. As guest guest looked on models position themselves for pictures and media. The night was exclusive and set the tone for a great opening to mens fashion week.

Who Loves The Press/Media?

The 2nd event for mens fashion week was catered to the Press/Media. Sponsored and held at stark & Legum Located in the heart of Norfolk Virginia Arts area. The press/media was catered to with appertizing food and beverage, the were given the opportunity to interview the models, designers and the Men fashion week team. The Ceo's of The Gentlemens Brunch were in the building giving the press a sneak interview on what to expect for the closing of mens fashion week with the Gentleman’s Brunch. The night was full of exclusive fun and fashion. Great job and hats off to the visionary of Mens Fashion Week for thinking of the press to make mens fashion week a success.

Encore do we want more?

Yes we do! The finale show for Mens fashion week was a great success. The collector was a great venue with much history and warehouse feeling. Surrounded with brick and cement the venue really set the tone for a great fashion show. The vendors and set our exclusive product and great tasting food for all to dine and converse over. Surrounded by fashion lovers, Business owners, designers, models, photographer and on lookers. The finale show was a great success. Setting the tone was Thomas Ruffin designer who models grace the runway in custom designs and riding bicycles and yes I said bicycles. DJ- Pynk Dyamond kept the crowd vibing and the performance by K'bana Blaq gave a awesome opening performance. Enough said mens fashion week finale show was a phenomenal event.

Designer – Thomas Ruffin

Designer – Reckless Clothing

Designer – Alpha

Designer – Blaqaso

Designer – Kas Collection

Fashion Presenter – Stark & Legum – Platinum Sponsor (Mike Benton & Glen Mason

Fashion Presenter – Upscales Men

Fashion Presenter – Matro For Men – Title Sponsor (Matt Harrell)

Brunch Anyone?

The new hotel the main located downtown Norfolk was the home of the 3rd Gentlemen's Brunch. The vendors was exclusive the men were dressed to the 9 the speaker was amazing and the ambiance was superb. The men dined on mini waffles, scramble eggs, baked salmon, chicken and salad. The guest speaker, actor, model, producer and director Micheal Capone talked with them about passion and perseverance ans staying the coarse on anything your passionate about.

Branders and Visionary

Luqman Haskett

Erik Castano

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