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The Metallic Gala!

Let's talk Metallic!

The metallic gala was sure to be one of the best fashionable events in the 757 and that it was. Director Mikasa La'Charles and her professional team brought fashion and so much more. The night started out with an amazing VIP reception on the 6th floor of the slover library complete with a live band, open bar and a buffet of finger foods that was sure to inspire everyone taste buds. The view of the city on the 6th floor just sealed the deal and set the tone for a phenomenal event.

Let's Talk Fashion

All guest was usher and assisted to there seat on the main floor of the library where the were sure to take in a great view no matter where you were seated to a great show. The designers showcased a diverse array of fashion from custom business suits, red carpet looks, social and cocktail wear and let not forget the everyday wear that you can mix and match to make your own. The fashions was outstanding and sealed the deal on a phenomenal and amazing event.

Why the Metallic Gala?

Director Mikasa La'Charles and co-producers Patricia Rountree and Ron Cooke wanted to bring something that would make people want get dress with a theme with a cause behind it. The Metallic Gal is sure to become Norfolk MET Gala (New York) Raising money to help spread literature throughout the Hampton roads area has never looked so amazing. The details down to 2 story stair runway was all made with such exquisite taste for the elite and exclusive supports that grace the building in support of such an important and much needed cause.



Angelia Couture

Micheal Carter

Thomas Ruffin

Mikasa La'Charles


Friends of the Norfolk public library

Slover Library

City of Norfolk

Apex Financial group of VA

New Journal & Guide

The African American Historical

Dudley Colbert

Joyce White Tasby, Young People Guild

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